BlueAir Air Purifiers

BlueAir Air Purifiers are the highest rated units on the market according to studies completed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). WC Environmental is a licensed dealer; units and supplies are offered at a discounted rate. Information on BlueAir purifiers is also available from

A revolutionary combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration captures 99.97% of particles at 0.1 micron on level one. Including allergens and other irritating particles, gases and odors. Discover why Blueair products are Best of Class.

Five different models deliver powerful, near-silent air cleaning for room sizes up to an ample 679 square feet. BlueAir’s sleek European design complements any decor.

Model List Price
201 (198 Sq. Ft. Room) $384.95
402 (365 Sq. Ft. Room) $534.95
501 (620 Sq. Ft. Room) $705.95
601 (680 Sq. Ft. Room) $734.95

Filters for the 501/601 Series are $99.95 (set of three filters, included with unit). Filters for the 402 are $79.95 each; a smokestop filter is $169.95, which is included with the 501 unit. Filters for the 201 are $99.95.

All costs are plus shipping; free delivery and setup in Chester, Montgomery and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania.


Envirotape is a 70 mil petrolatum blend, wax saturated fiber-tape for ambient to 300 F temperature application. It is ideal for asbestos management programs where encapsulation is the preferred isolation method. Envirotape, when used along with moldable sealant, is particularly useful for covering furnaces due to its thermoresistant properties.